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Release date: April 15, 2016
Cat No: Ostgut LP 20-08
Barcode: 880319728013
Ostgut LP 20-08
11,80 €
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Ostgut Ton reissues Acht of Zehn with original tracks by DIN (aka Efdemin and Marcel Fengler), Fiedel and Tobias.

2015 marked Ostgut Ton’s ten-year anniversary, celebrated with an extensive 30 track compilation release, titled Ostgut Ton | Zehn, spread out over ten 12“ vinyl records housed inside a limited box set. This sampler sold out in no time, which is why Ostgut Ton is re-issuing these ten 12"es individually in 2016.

Bubbling synths, a stoic bassdrum, some live hi-hat percussion and synth pads full of bliss – what started as Marcel Fengler’s and Efdemin’s inaugural collaboration as DIN for 2013’s MASSE ballet sees its continuation in form of “Mono” on A1. On A2 Fiedel contrasts the opening track’s cool sounds with an upbeat contribution: “Probe-806” gently brushes Funk, Electro, Acid and even Boogie territory atop the general muscular rhythm.

Analogue synth aficionados are being served by Tobias.: “Like A Drug” is a minimalist Techno track with maximalist dancefloor effect through its use of haunting, distanced vocal fragments, discomforting alarm tones and crackling background textures. As with every good drug, you don’t necessarily want more of it, but rather a longer duration of effect (in this track’s case: 8:36 minutes).

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