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Zehn | Zehn Various Artists

Release date: May 6, 2016
Cat No: Ostgut LP 20-10
Barcode: 880319728211
Ostgut LP 20-10
11,80 €
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Ostgut Ton reissues the final Zehn of Zehn with original tracks by Etapp Kyle, Marcel Fengler with Elif Biçer, and Steffi.

2015 marked Ostgut Ton’s ten-year anniversary, celebrated with an extensive 30 track compilation release, titled Ostgut Ton | Zehn, spread out over ten 12“ vinyl records housed inside a limited box set. This sampler sold out in no time, which is why Ostgut Ton is re-issuing these ten 12"es individually in 2016.

All good things must come to an end, and so does this label compilation with its final re-release. Long-time Ostgut Ton collaborator Elif Biçer lends her tantalising vocals to Marcel Fengler’s UK-spirited, breaky and dark beats, with – vocals and lyrics aside – its open snare drum roll, the brazen sounds and seething bassline being the most distinctive elements of “Fallin’” on A.

On the flipside up-and-coming Etapp Kyle opens B1 with blistering bleeps atop a solid kick, brushed percussion and surging, subtly atmospheric synth pads. There aren’t many producers as productive as Steffi is: “löweborschtel” continues her past Electro-influenced releases on B2: bouncy and rhythmic, moody yet spot-on, dreamy while fierce. To the next zehn years!

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