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Jens-Uwe Beyer was born on Fehmarn, an island in the Baltic Sea of northern Germany.

Around the turn of the millennium, he moved to Cologne to make his music, and settled in an old industrial harbour ruin - here he founded 2 record labels - Magazine with Barnt and Crato, releasing projects like Cologne Tape or one with Jaki Liebezeit(CAN) - and another, PNN, on which he has released his own Popnoname project. After playing under his Alter Ego in many parts of the world, performing with voice and guitar, he now dedicates himself under his own name to his core musical styles - Ambient and Club music.

He released the album "The Emissary“ on Kompakt PA which can be found among the highest rated Albums of 2015 on Pitchfork, followed by a remix 12" with some own works and one remix by Wolfgang Voigt.

In 2017 the all-star band Cologne Tape with Jens-Uwe Beyer not only on guitar but behind the production desks released their debut album "Welt" on Magazine and performed on festivals like Nachtdigital, c/o pop, Pitchfork and Steirischer Herbst.

In 2019 he founded a 3rd Label Schalen also with Barnt and Crato. In Cooperation with Gagosian he releases on Magazine the Mammut Project "Yellow Book“ (8 Vinyl Box) together with Albert Oehlen.

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