Speicher on BBC Radio 1

What a good night to listen to BBC Radio 1. First Pete Tong premieres ANNA's upcoming tune 'The Dansant' (out next week on Speicher 101), then Kölsch takes over BTraits' show premiering ANNA's track 'Hidden Beauties' (also from Speicher 101) right after Michael Mayer presents the Speicher Label Mates feature picking his classic 'Pride Is Weaker Than Love' (Speicher 2), 'Wurz + Blosse' by Wighnomy Brothers (Speicher 19), Kölsch's 'Opa' (Speicher 70), a super exclusive track from Speicher 102 and finally Jürgen Paape's latest track 'Whisper Echo' (Speicher 100). If that wasn't already a party, Kölsch rounds up the night with Voigt & Voigt's 'Bum Bum Bar' (Speicher 100).

Posted on January 20th 2018