KOMPAKT.FM's fourth advent drop featuring Gregor Schwellenbach

On every Advent Sunday, Kompakt.fm drops an exclusive mixtape from one of our artist affiliates - the fourth and final entry comes from none other than Gregor Schwellenbach, the Cologne-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and libertine who served as the creative force behind the aptly titled "Gregor Schwellenbach Spielt 20 Jahre Kompakt" full-length, one of Kompakt's more off-beat releases in 2013 (and probably the entire label history). For this mixtape - a first for the classically trained musician - Gregor brews up quite an extraordinary concoction that draws from backgrounds as diverse as classical music, avantgardist textures, electro-acoustic tape splicing and urban clubbing. Discover the unruly personal canon of a unique musical mind that counts both Wolfgang Voigt and Karlheinz Stockhausen among his favorites, filtered by the hazy eroticism of Arthur Russell or the cartoonish sonic violence of Pierre Henry. Download the fourth Kompakt.fm Advent Drop here and get the tracklist here!

Posted on December 22nd 2013