• Michael Mayer geht zurück zu seinen Wurzeln und wird bei WDR COSMO eine monatliche Radiosendung übernehmen. Zusammen mit Daniel Hausschild bringt er die Musik aus aller Welt zu Euch ins Wohnzimmer. Hört euch die erste Sendung vom vergangenen Wochenende hier an:

    Posted on April 16th 2018
  • GAS returns with a new composition entitled 'RAUSCH' to be released on 2LP, CD and digitally on May 18, 2018.

    The Live debut of Rausch will happen in Cologne on May 9.

    Posted on March 20th 2018
  • We miss the days of spontaneously releasing music. Kölsch sent "Left Eye Left" to us last week and felt the need to immediately release this to the world. So without further ado...
    "Left Eye Left was originally intended as a part of my 1989 album, but in myriad of demos i had for the album it got lost in the finishing process.
    I rediscovered the demo just before my Eiffel Tower set, and decided it was a fitting ode to the city of love, so it was included in my set.
    The reactions on the piece where so overwhelming, the only right thing to do was to release it." - KÖLSCH

    Posted on March 16th 2018
  • Hazelium Production Directed by: Hazel Hill McCarthy III Filmed by: Douglas J. McCarthy & Hazel McCarthy III https://www.hazelium.com/

    Taken from Kenneth James Gibson LP "In The Fields Of Nothing", out March 09, 2018.

    Posted on March 7th 2018
  • Video directed by Clément Oberto - www.clementoberto.com

    Taken from the album "Dead Start Program" by John Tejada

    Posted on March 7th 2018
  • 25% off on all KOMPAKT labels, Vinyl and CD (*) (**), online and in-store (in-store only during shop opening hours), on Thursday, March 1st, 2018. Offer is valid for 25 hours only, beginning 0:00 (CET – Central European Time).

    * Kompakt, Kompakt Extra, Kompakt Pop, K2

    ** except nice price and pre-order goods

    Posted on February 28th 2018
  • Terranova returned last week to Kompakt with "COSMO EP" - we are certain his strongest release in some time. He released a new video for lead single "Langsam (Fetisch Mix)" that we're happy to share with you.

    Posted on February 8th 2018
  • Cologne Tape - Welt is out now.

    Posted on January 23rd 2018
  • Terranova's new COSMO EP is out now. B-side Track 'Perfect Happiness' got a video - check it out now.

    photography: Ronald Dick edit: Kathrin Krottenthaler video by: Funkturm Tokyo

    Posted on January 23rd 2018
  • What a good night to listen to BBC Radio 1. First Pete Tong premieres ANNA's upcoming tune 'The Dansant' (out next week on Speicher 101), then Kölsch takes over BTraits' show premiering ANNA's track 'Hidden Beauties' (also from Speicher 101) right after Michael Mayer presents the Speicher Label Mates feature picking his classic 'Pride Is Weaker Than Love' (Speicher 2), 'Wurz + Blosse' by Wighnomy Brothers (Speicher 19), Kölsch's 'Opa' (Speicher 70), a super exclusive track from Speicher 102 and finally Jürgen Paape's latest track 'Whisper Echo' (Speicher 100). If that wasn't already a party, Kölsch rounds up the night with Voigt & Voigt's 'Bum Bum Bar' (Speicher 100).

    Posted on January 20th 2018