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And Never Ending Nights Loops Of Your Heart



Release date: February 13, 2012
Cat No: MAG 005 LP ltd
Barcode: 880319532511
13,70 €
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13,70 €
MAG 005 LP ltd
14,90 €
please allow us the pleasure of introducing axel willner's loops of your heart. hailing from sweden, the man behind this record alone needs no introduction, as he is already well known in the electronic music scene for his project the field. loops of your heart reflects axel ºs experience in germany, where during his lengthy stays, his mantra-like arpeggiators contributed to the first manifestation of the sound of cologne tape, a group that formed while he was staying there. you can also hear this on the much sought after debut "render,"which came out on magazine last year. only a foreshadow for what was to about to come, willner has been living in berlin and letting his creativity go crazy. with an arsenal of special synthesizers and guitars he has put together "and never ending nights". after touring worldwide with the field for the last 10 years, "and never ending nights" is like coming home again. you can hear german children speaking outside his studio in berlin (on the track "neukölln") and it is not only the track titles which tell of things that have come to an end and or are about to happen. the old german musical tradition of letting yourself go (holger czukay, you, anima, cluster, you name it) is in the air, and willner breathes it. his highly personal approach to music and composition leads to nothing less then a matchless album that embodies beginning anew.

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