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And Never Ending Nights Loops Of Your Heart



Release date: March 12, 2012
Cat No: MAG 005 LP
Barcode: 880319575518
13,70 €
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MAG 005 LP
13,70 €
Please allow us the pleasure of introducing Axel Willner's ”Loops Of Your Heart“: Originally from Stockholm, this record reflects Axel’s experience visiting Germany, where during lengthy stays in Cologne, he contributed not only his signature arpeggio sound to Cologne Tape. (See MAGAZINE 1 and look out for their debut album coming soon.) Only a thin foreshadow of what was to come, Willner has been letting his approach to music grow increasingly free. And don’t let yourself be misled by the title of his highly acclaimed release "Looping State Of Mind" under his The Field moniker. This was more of a commentary on repetitious thoughts in your mind than a description of production techniques. Later, you'll find that on "And Never Ending Nights" looped sources are barely recognizable. Instead, we witness an overwhelmingly direct interaction of Axel with his arsenal of rare synthesizers and guitars. This is music straight from the soul and arguably the most personal record from Axel to date. Now a permanent resident in Germany, Willner's new environment combined with his now wild yet still direct approach to music and composition has lead to a matchless album that seemingly comes from nowhere! ”Loops Of Your Heart” triumphantly, even if paradoxically, captures the German musical movement of "letting go", and the spirit of Holger Czukay, You, Anima, Cluster, et. al., is definitely present. This record is the fifth release of the recently founded Cologne based label MAGAZINE. The much praised conceptual approach of MAGAZINE is reflected in the serial appearance of their releases. Make sure you inspect the cover — an artwork in its own right. „...the result is one of the most emotionally powerful synth albums in a time where they seem absolutely dime a dozen.“ – Resident Advisor 4/5 „Loops of Your Heart, a new project in the vein of the masters of German electronic music from whom he takes many of his cues“ – Pitchfork 7.1

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