Album artwork for Jon McMillion LP

Jon McMillion LP Jon McMillion

Release date: May 28, 2012
Cat No: NEK 01
Barcode: 880319588518
Jon McMillion (aka Wig Water Magic) has been making electronic music for over 15 years, always calling on a vast cache of sounds, styles, and techniques to esh out his tripped-out aural sensibilities. On his rst full-length artist album, the debut release on Seattle based label Nuearth Kitchen, McMillion takes a plunge into a colorful array of torn vocal samples, ighty melodies, boggy sound design, and waterlogged percussion. His Jon McMillion LP is one of the most esoteric, accomplished ensembles that he has ever done. The Jon McMillion LP speaks to the dance oor as much as it does the home stereo, the beachlong walk, nature, a long trip, urban landscapes, and beyond; there are few settings which this album is inapproriate for. Jon dives deep into ‘verbed melodies housed around 4-4 kicks, shu ing claps, and energetic vocals snips. He reaches for the whole span of your sound palette throughout this release - these are all songs, not tools. This album, which will be released with both CD and Digital Exclusives, is being followed by a remix 12" that includes astonishing contributions from San Proper (Perlon, Rush Hour, Dekmantel - NE), Vakula (Uzuri, Firecracker, Quintessentials - UA), and Juju & Jordash (Aesthetic Audio, Rush Hour, Philpot - NE). Get ready...

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