Album artwork for Trust Less

Trust Less Kaito

Cat No: Kompakt Digital 006
Barcode: 880319045110
In case you haven't figured it out yet, KOMPAKT loves tradition and as you know, we have had a longstanding affair with our beloved Japanese producer extraordinaire Hiroshi Watanabe aka KAITO. His 2009 full length TRUST (KOMCD74) showcased a deeper, more matured side to KAITO's now classic sound. So with every KAITO album comes the custom - the beatless versions. That said, we proudly offer your ears TRUSTLESS - Watanabe effortlessly has brought the songs from TRUST through into the calm waters of his ambient bliss. Take the piano chords of the title track as they play tenderly to a reverberating room, the sublime ease that NOTHING COULD BE MORE PEACEFUL has been transformed into. And then there is RAINBOW CIRCLES ...think of the track as the emotion of release you feel from the pains of winter on that first spring day - a gorgeous achievement that seems quite distanced from it's original version. We present a distinguished twist to the usual fare with two tremendous remixes from the highly esteemed Detroit/Chicago duo ECHOSPACE…they fortunately found time between putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming full length to come up with these unforgettable mixes. They prove their mastery of electronic dub with these faultless remixes by taking the finest elements of the original tunes and rebuild it into what can be rightly described as proper deep groove. So you have TRUST LESS…KAITO once again demonstrates his magic that goes on behind the beat.

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